Elizabeth Berkowitz

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Elizabeth R. Berkowitz graduated from Michigan State University and then St. Thomas University School of Law in 2000.  Ms. Berkowitz has been an active Member of the Florida Bar since 2000.  Ms. Berkowitz was admitted to the United States Supreme Court in 2011. Ms. Berkowitz’ experience includes civil litigation representing both injury victims and defense of claims.  Ms. Berkowitz practice is 100% devoted to providing representation at all levels in domestic private adoption placement.  Ms. Berkowitz’s prides herself on working on intervention cases, removing children from the DCF system, as well as relative and step parent adoptions.

Ms. Berkowitz is a Board Member of the Florida Adoption Council and was named the Treasurer of this prestigious organization. Ms. Berkowitz’ other memberships include the Cuban American Bar Association and the Palm Beach County Bar Association.  In furtherance of her goal of protecting children, Ms. Berkowitz serves as a Florida Certified Guardian Ad Litem in Palm Beach County.

Ms. Berkowitz volunteers her time and resources to many community projects. Ms. Berkowitz is a founding member and President of a Soccer Program created for disabled and special needs children. She is on the soccer field training children with a wide spread of disabilities. When she is not training them, she is hugging them! She is a certified Justice Teaching volunteer. In this capacity, Ms. Berkowitz works with middle school students to teach them constitutional materials and prepare them for mock trial competitions conducted in conjunction with The Florida Law Related Education Association and the 15th Circuit Florida High School Mock Trial Competition. She also acts as a Scoring Judge and Presiding Judge for the High School Mock Trials.

When not in court or on the soccer fields, Ms. Berkowitz volunteers her time as a “cuddler” to children in the NICU at St. Mary’s Hospital.  Ms. Berkowitz frequently lectures to hospital nursing staff, county health departments, pregnancy clinics and various resource centers regarding the adoption process. The National Association of Professional Women recognized Ms. Berkowitz for her dedication and achievements and bestowed upon her the prestigious designation of Woman of the Year in 2011.

Ms. Berkowitz loves children and has devoted her life to helping them.  Elizabeth believes in encouraging and supporting birth parents. She educates them to rebuild their lives or rehabilitate themselves.  Ms. Berkowitz is married and a proud mother of two beautiful boys. She loves soccer, cooking and spending time with her family. She is the proud of mother of two stubborn dachsunds that love to visit children in the dependency system.