What time is needed to process ICPC?

In order for ICPC paperwork to be filed, all required documents must be submitted together.  ICPC cannot begin until one or both birth parents’ rights have been surrendered, depending on the situation involved.  In addition, some of the items required for submission are not available until the day the baby is released from the hospital, including discharge paperwork and medical records.  Only when these items become available can the ICPC package be completed and sent out.  Once the ICPC paperwork has been submitted, it takes an average of 7-10 business days to process.   This is an average time frame and some ICPC offices can take longer; however, with the emergence and utilization of electronic transmission, outlined above, there have been dramatic improvements to ICPC approval turnaround time.  Nonetheless, adoptive families should make the necessary arrangements to stay in the sending state for at least ten (10) days counted from the date the ICPC package initially is sent out.  If necessary, foster care, or what more typically is called “cradle care,” is available for the child pending ICPC approval.  Finally, only one adoptive parent is required to stay with the child, pending ICPC approval.