FAC Memberships

Membership in FACĀ is obtained by completing an online application, paying a membership fee, and having the application approved by the FAC board. Membership is on an annual basis. With the launch of FAC’s new website, members should receive electronic notification in advance of when the next year’s dues must be paid. Membership dues are used to fund educational events and pay for an experienced lobbyist, himself an adoptive father, in Tallahassee who keeps an eye out for any proposed legislation dealing with adoption and facilitates FAC access to legislators in key positions.
Secondary Membership
  • Additional membership for EXISTING Standard OR Premier accounts.
  • Unrestricted Listserv account access
Standard Membership
  • The membership fee is $450 for the first individual ("primary member") from an agency or law office who joins FAC.
  • A reduced rate of $350.00 is offered for additional individuals in that office or law firm ("secondary members").
  • Whether a "Primary" or "Secondary" member, each member is entitled to membership discounts at the FAC conference and other educational events, access to the FAC listserv, and listing on the FAC website.
Best Value
Premium Membership
  • Premier FAC Membership is offered to members who pay a higher fee ($750) or who serve in a volunteer capacity and without compensation on the organization's Board of Directors.
  • Premier membership allows those members to be listed first in a roll of organization members on the FAC website.
  • These members can provide a link to their own website which can be accessed directly from the FAC website.
  • They may also list multiple office locations.
  • Such a membership is recognized as an effective advertising tool by those who choose this type of membership.