November is here, bringing with it the anticipation of Thanksgiving as well as the observance of National Adoption Month. Americans learn about the history of Thanksgiving in school and are familiar with its observance in their homes. But what do they know about National Adoption Month? Take this quiz to see what you may not know (but should) about this important observance in November.

1. The goal of National Adoption Month is:

a. to finalize more adoptions that month than in any other month of the year;
b. to increase placements of children;
c. to raise awareness of children in foster care needing forever homes;
d. to have a big party to celebrate adoption.

2. What state first celebrated an adoption week out of which National Adoption Month ultimately arose?

a. Massachusetts;
b. California;
c. Florida;
d. New York.

3. What president officially proclaimed November National Adoption Month?

a. Donald Trump;
b. Bill Clinton;
c. Ronald Reagan;
d. Barack Obama.

4. The theme for 2020’s National Adoption Month is:

a. Engage Youth and Listen;
b. Youth Voices: Why Families Matter;
c. In Their Own Words: Lifting Up Youth Voices;
d. Teens Need Families, No Matter What.

5. To honor those who have made a difference in adoption, the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute (CCAI) annually names:

a. Super Storks;
b. Children’s Champions;
c. Angels in Adoption;
d. Forever Family Friends.

The answers to these questions should give a better understanding of how National Adoption Month came about and how it is observed.

Question #1—The answer is c, raise awareness of children in foster care needing forever homes. With approximately, 125,000 children in the foster care system, thousands of youth need a loving, stable, and permanent family.

Question #2—The answer is a, Massachusetts. Then Governor Michael Dukakis announced an adoption week in his state back in 1976. President Ronald Reagan later made the week a national observance in 1984.

Question #3—The answer is b, Bill Clinton. Our 42nd president expanded the observance to an entire month with the issuance of a proclamation on November 1, 1995.
Question #4—The answer is a, Engage Youth And Listen. Answers b, c, and d were the themes for 2019, 2018, and 2017, respectively.

Question #5—The answer is c, Angels in Adoption. Since 1999, CCAI has designated over 3,000 as Angels in Adoption. They are individuals, couple, families, and organizations who have diligently advocated for children in need of forever homes.

Now that you know more about National Adoption Month, get the word out about it!