Terms and Conditions

Last update:  Feb 5, 2020

I have read and agree to the FAC list serv policies.   The Listserv policies can be viewed by clicking here.

I acknowledge that I have read, received, and retained a copy of the policies for participation in the Florida adoption council’s list serv (revised March 2019). I have also reviewed the said policies with each member of my office staff. I will maintain a copy of said policies at all times and personally insure that any postings to the list serv by me, or by any member of my office, comply with said policies. Regarding participation in, and use of information shared on the list serv, I understand that use of the list serv is a privilege, and that any failure by me, or by any member of my staff, to comply with said policies will constitute grounds for immediate suspension or permanent revocation of my access to the list serv. I further understand that it may also be grounds for immediate suspension or revocation of my Florida adoption council membership. I agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Florida adoption council, including its directors, from any liability resulting from any list serv postings, or comments, made by me or by any member of my office staff.

I hereby swear, affirm, and certify that the statements in this initial membership application are true and correct. I understand and agree that submitting this application for membership does not necessarily mean that the board of directors will approve my application and grant membership. I further understand and agree that my being granted membership in, and being permitted to remain a member of, the Florida adoption council is within the sole absolute discretion of the organization’s board of directors, and that its decision is final.